Miles and Miles of Smiles


Trends Travelmart 26th Anniversary

There are so many things to be thankful for this year as Trends Travelmart celebrated its 26th year.

Valued clients were invited to celebrate with the team at Club Balai Isabel, Batangas to join the Amazing Race in the morning and Luau Party in the evening. The sheer competitiveness of each team was released as they tried to finish the race as fast as they could. Challenges in each pit stop were tough but the teams faced them with bravery and different strategies. Not even bad weather could stop them from accomplishing each leg and reaching their goal to be number 1. As one participant mentioned, “the experience was remarkable and it’s nice to meet new friends”.

The night began with good music as the team welcomed the guests. Everyone was wearing their best Hawaiian Outfit as they were welcomed with an Aloha Lei. Indeed, it was a weekend full of fun and good memories to keep. Thank you to Qatar Airways for sponsoring this momentous event—truly another milestone for Trends Travelmart as we look forward to a more fruitful year ahead.