Miles and Miles of Smiles


Breathtaking Bali

Bali beckons and you better not resist, because the Bali experience is one you can never experience elsewhere in the world. Recently, our very own Marissa Dela Paz flew to Indonesia to take in what Bali has to offer. Her words were “When you go to Bali, you have to switch to Bali mode. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fully enjoy what it has to offer.”

Everywhere you go, Bali surrounds you with its culture and a welcome atmosphere of being relaxed, a laid back feeling of being truly on vacation. The “Island of the gods” as Bali has been dubbed as, enchants you in so many ways; with its thousand temples and numerous shrines, traditional markets and chic boutiques, marvellous trinkets and fabulous finds, the lively nightlife, the splendour of its natural environment, and the welcoming smiles of its people.

Ma’am Marissa shares that the lives of the Balinese are intricately tied to their beliefs, which can be seen in both their day-to-day activities and in the elaborate rituals they hold regularly. Intricately-crafted temples can be seen all over Bali; each one, a testament to the rich, spiritual culture of the locals.

So next time you plan your vacation, include Bali in your list. Heed that call for an enchanting Bali escape. You’ll be happy that you did.