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Jina’s BlogA Celebration of Rustic Filipino Culture at Villa Escudero

A few kilometers south of San Pablo, Laguna sits an idyllic tropical haven called Villa Escudero, a century-old 800 hectare coconut plantation that in 1981 opened its doors to the visiting public. It is a showcase of the beauty of Philippine country life including traditional history, culture, fashion and cuisine before a backdrop of lush, natural beauty.

Last April 20, the Trends Travelmart team and family made the trip from Manila to experience Villa Escudero, a welcome escape from the heat of the city. Departing from the city at 8am by bus, we arrived there at 10:30am, pleasantly welcomed by their staff with refreshing sago’t gulaman for everyone. We proceeded to enjoy the sights at the old museum, and a carabao ride with live musicians treating us to our very own harana as we made our way to the man-made waterfall.

A little bit of trivia: Villa Escudero is home to the Philippines’ first hydro-electric plant dating back to the 1920s, which supplies power to the plantation’s facilities and was built by Don Arsenio Escuderio, an agro-industrialist and son of the plantation’s founder Don Placido Escudero.

Probably the most well-known tourist draw at Villa Escudero is the sumptuous Pinoy food buffet that visitors enjoy while sitting at tables, feet submerged in the cool waters flowing from the falls. It really is a fun, multi-sensory experience, engaging your touch, hearing and taste all at the same time!

A celebration of Philippine heritage and culture, Villa Escudero is a must-visit, especially during the warm summer months. We know you will have a wonderful time there–we sure did!.

A mere two-hour drive from Metro Manila, Villa Escudero is an ideal tourist destination for travelers who have limited time in the Philippines and want to make the most of their time. City folks who live in Manila will also enjoy the refreshing escape that the villa offers, and can spend just the day there, or choose to stay overnight.

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